About us

The story so far

A Dancer’s life is filled with regular classes, competitions and rehearsals where we aim to look our very best. DANSE DE PARIS was created specifically to accentuate a dancers contours and create the perfect line aiming to help a dancers goal of perfection, while bringing the theatre of stage to everyday class.

DANSE DE PARIS was founded by Paris Bobyk who studied full- time ballet and completed a Bachelor of Design degree - a welding of her two passions. Paris identified a gap in the market for fashion and style to meet dance wear. 

The key ingredient to DANSE DE PARIS' refined approach is undoubtedly Miss Paris’s extensive experience in the world of dance. A world class ballet teacher and a notable costume designer for 20 years, Miss Paris has designed countless distinctive and unique costumes. 

DANSE DE PARIS is known for their extensive detail in dance wear garments and for their signature design, the CORSET SEAM LEOTARD. The seams create a visual corset effect, slimming the body for the classic dancer’s line like a tutu. The most visually stunning of all garments on stage. DANSE DE PARIS only use the best of fabrics for comfort, breathability and shape retention offering the customer the ultimate dance wear garment. 

Rapidly becoming the go-to label for fashionable dance wear DANSE DE PARIS has grown leaps and bounds in the short time since its launch. With a great deal in the works, and exciting seasons ahead, DANSE DE PARIS continues to demonstrate it’s significance as a leading luxury dance wear label.

Why dance in ordinary when you can be extraordinary in DANSE DE PARIS.